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Next-Door Contractors has been providing residential and commercial property owners with the best in landscaping services from landscape installation, landscape design, and scheduled lawn maintenance. Professional local landscapers dedicated to making your property look the best in the neighborhood.

Why Hire Next-Door Contractors For Your Landscaping Project?

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We thoroughly evaluate every property under our management, consulting with you to develop landscape design ideas and create detailed plans from our highly skilled professionals to provide our clients with a clear view of what their future paradise will look like.

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Here at Next-Door Contractors we don’t see landscaping as just a dollar sign or another job, rather, it is more of a form of art to us. We know this may almost sounds cliché or over dramatic but it is absolutely the truth. All of our professionals enjoy what we do and take the time to develop a unique and pristine design that we can proudly call our work. In fact, you could describe us as perfectionists.

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We put ourselves in our customer’s shoes to understand what you want and how you want it done in order to maximize our customer’s satisfaction. This is your property and we are here to make it a personal haven for you.

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Next-Door Contractors services a wide variety of customers from residential landscaping to commercial landscaping. We strive to create a perfect project in every field. We do general landscaping services as well as a wide variety of projects for our customers such as waterscapes, hardscapes, retaining walls, lawn maintenance and much more.

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Here at Next-Door Contractors we take this statement seriously. With years of experience and a meticulous attention to detail we are dedicated to making your estate stand out as a beautiful part of your neighborhood.

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Next-Door Contractors’s goal is to create amazing living spaces out of everyday outdoor areas. We will strive to succeed in creating a personal oasis on your property.

Your trust in us is something that we take very seriously. Our business is developed around your trusting us with the outcome of one of your biggest investments: your home. We have proven ourselves to be trustworthy of handling the outdoor design of this investment with client after client and we plan on putting our best effort into developing yours!

Use the team your neighbors are using for all their landscaping needs. With over 20 years of experience in Landscaping, Next-Door Contractors can take care of you like a neighbor.

Planning landscaping can be quite challenging because there are so many variables to consider. A good landscape designer should be well-versed in all aspects of plant & tree knowledge, drainage & irrigation, hardscape layout and patio experience. When we take on a project it's important for us to know our client. The Next-Door Contractor philosophy revolves around a realistic and practical design.

Next-Door Contractors Landscaping Specialties

Landscape Design

Our landscape design experts consult with you step by step to ensure maximum clarity and customer satisfaction. We design a plan based on your wants and needs and present you with the various steps of the plan for your approval before each step is undertaken.

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Landscape Installation

Next-Door Contractors offers a multitude of installation services from hardscapes and water features to flower planting and retaining walls we have your needs covered. Let us transform your outdoor space into a vacation paradise, we love doing this kind of stuff, it’s what we do!

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Lawn Maintenance

Yard of the month is not an achievement for us, it’s an everyday lifestyle. We want to work with you! From sodding lawns or grass seeding, to mowing services and lawn aeration, Next-Door Contractors can get your lawn looking better than all your neighbors!

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Tree Care

Next-Door Contractors is the tree service company you can count on to provide professional tree services at affordable prices. We service all types of trees and experts in Tree Removal, Tree Trimming, Stump Removal and Tree Maintenance.

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Here's What To Expect From Us

We Get To Know You

When we take on a project it’s important for us to know our client. When a designer can understand the client’s needs, wants, desires, dreams, and goals – we can start suggesting ideas and solutions to accomodate those wishes. Many of our first appointments are spent building “rapport” with our client so they can have the peace of mind in our design and abilities.

Practical Design

Our philosophy revolves around a realistic and practical design. It’s common for our design to start simply by drawing a sketch layout. This approach works great for small projects where large contracts and expectations are not being considered like projects over $15,000 where both parties should have a complete & detailed drawing. Also, no patio should ever be constructed without a patio plan, drawn to scale for construction, contracts & future records.

The Basics

Every landscaping design needs should be at least put onto paper (or some method of documenting the idea). The typical plan should be drawn to scale, so that field measurements can be verified. A basic plan needs to show where everything is located “spatially” – so that they can be constructed with some level of precision. A legend, of some sort, needs to identify items on the design/plan.

The Upgrades

As customers start to invest money into this landscape design process, they should expect more of a presentation – or more of way to visualize what the designer is proposing. This may include a color landscape plan that includes more presentation quality items. It may also be a more detailed drawing of some of the items involved in the landscape plan (like a fireplace, water feature or pergola). A perspective drawing – which is a 3D-type drawing that shows up to 3 sides of a proposed feature – is not uncommon in the landscape & patio design business.

The Premium

Landscape design should include full-color, detailed precision for all aspects of the project. A detailed legend explains all aspects of a job, from start to finish. This will be necessary for permitting, engineering review, and or HOA approval. Our latest presentation techniques include 3D presentations of our design where we can walk you through a virtual tour before commit to our proposal. Seeing it before you buy it is a sure way to understand what your investment will look like.