How to Pick Out Flooring For Each Room In Your House

How to Pick Out Flooring For Each Room In Your House

One of the most used and worn out parts of the home is the flooring we use in each room. Every time we enter the home, we are dragging in dirt and other debris, we pile our dirty shoes in the hallway by the front door, and we don't pay attention when we scrape the chairs across the floors in the kitchen and dining room. 

So, if it is time for you to consider purchasing new flooring for your home, you really need to stop and take some time to consider the flooring you need. How will you be using the room? Would hardwood or new carpet be the best option? 

To help you decide on which flooring to put in each room of your home, we have a list of a few considerations you should always keep in mind.

How Much Dirt Do You Track Into the Home?

You need to consider how much mud and dirt you and your family actually bring into the home on a daily basis. If you have a mudroom, then it should be protected because this is the area that acts as the first defense for the rest of the home.

With that being said, you should use ceramic or porcelain tiles in this area because they are both durable and low-maintenance. All you have to do is regularly sweep up any debris there may be and use a small mop for any bigger messes. 

You can also place a dark-colored rug on the tile to help trap dirt that might have gotten away. It is also a good precaution to take in case something drops onto the floor. The carpet will be there to break the fall and hopefully keep your tile intact.

The Playroom

If you have a playroom, then it is probably one of the most used rooms in your home. For this area, you want to have something that can stand up to the abuse younger kids may throw at it, but you also want to make sure it is comfortable enough for them to play on. A low and tightly woven loop or cut area rug is ideal for the playroom. You can also choose wall to wall carpet. Just find a carpet that is easy to clean like polypropylene or nylon. 

The Bedroom

While hardwood may be good for most areas in the home, many people would prefer to not have to step on a cold floor in the morning. A premium plush and soft carpet is perfect for the bedroom and will give you more of a comfy and cozy vibe so you can relax.

Guest Room/Office

A low pile carpet is a good choice for an office and can withstand a rolling chair and heavy traffic. You can also choose hardwood flooring and then lay a flat-weave rug on the top for some style and protection. 

Other High Traffic Areas

Hardwood flooring is usually good for these other higher traffic areas in the home. Quickly sweep or vacuum regularly to keep away dirt and debris and mop occasionally and you will find it makes a beautiful addition to the home.