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Tired of hand watering or using attached sprinkler heads for your lawn? Have bald spots or spots your hose cannot reach? Improving the health and beauty of your lawn is what we do. Next-Door Contractors offers the highest quality residential and commercial sprinkler and lawn irrigation systems your neighbors trust.

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At Next-Door Contractors, we are experts in irrigation design, supply, installation, repair and maintenance of residential and commercial irrigation systems. With over 20 years experience, you can trust to get your irrigation needs solved the first time.

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Our Mission is to install and repair irrigation systems and other related services that meet the needs of our customers. Our vision is to be the premier, dependable, and most reliable irrigation company available, that you will refer to your neighbors!

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Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We value our customers and the service they receive. At Next-Door Contractors we take pride in your property as if it were our own. We provide fair, and transparent estimates with the goal of building trust between our clients. Motivated to craft the yard of your dreams, our business model based on integrity ensures quality results.

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3 YearsWarranty

We make sure we're always there for our customers, and that starts with providing them with an honest and transparent warranty plan. New and innovative sprinkler systems come out every few years, and in 5 to 10 years you'll want or need the updated system. Next-Door Contractors's 3-year warranty program is the perfect length for the health of your system and yard.

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All of our irrigation teams are made of seasoned technicians with a combined 20 years of experience. No irrigation repair or installation job is too big or too small.

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Next-Door Contractors is a locally owned and operated company with the experience and passion to make sure every customer is satisfied. With a team that has over 20 years of experience, you can rest assured our irrigation company will design, plan, and install irrigation solutions to make your home or business flourish.

Maintaining a fun and beautiful outdoor space requires routine watering. We save you time by installing custom irrigation systems to not only keep your yard green but save you green as well.

Next-Door Contractors Irrigation Services


System Design

At Next-Door Contractors we design custom irrigation systems for any size lawn! We offer a variety of irrigation systems from timed sprinklers to drip emitters. Homeowners face unique irrigation problems due to variable weather and the lack of seasonal change.

We can help by designing exclusive water systems that evenly distribute water across your yard while conserving water with time-limiting sprinklers. Design can incorporate ways make sure runoff drains to dry areas. Drip irrigation design uses a series of drip emitters placed by the roots of plants and are used to target dry-zones of your garden. This process is meant to increase efficiency and decrease water waste.


During your free estimate, our expert irrigation installation team will measure and asses your outdoor space, search for all sewage and water pipes as well as design a custom irrigation architecture for your lawn. Once we arrive, we cut your grass and mark the ground before any digging occurs.

During installation, we take care to perform minimal damage to your grounds with trenching and line preparation. Once the irrigation pipes are laid we replace the grass and smooth out the grounds. Upon completion, we show you how to properly use your new irrigation system, easy solutions to common questions, and what to do if you have a maintenance issue.



We offer both sprinkler and drip irrigation checkups to help you efficiently maintain your new irrigation system. If you are having issues we look for leakage and drainage by checking for cracks and resistant sprinkler heads. If the problem is not in the physical design, we will check the controller battery and the water meter for additional issues.

Rest assured, Next-Door Contractors checks your entire yard and any operating system to locate the problem. Once we locate the issue we will either replace the parts or schedule a future appointment to order the parts. Feel free to give us a call or email us anytime. We will respond to your concern as soon as possible!

Our Process - Here's What To Expect

Schedule an Appointment

Call or email us to schedule an in-person irrigation evaluation of your property.

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We'll review your property and provide you with an honest, credible, fair, and free estimate.

Expert Installation

Upon approval, our team will install your irrigation system with expert care.

Cleanup Crew

Once we've completed installation, the crew will clean up the construction area as part of the service.

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Irrigation Frequently Asked Questions

How much does an irrigation system cost?

On average, a new irrigation system will cost between $2,000 and $6,000 depending on your property and the scope of the property. Contact us to schedule a free estimate and talk to one of our professionals for a more accurate price.

What is your service area?

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, we serve the entire Austin Metropolitan area. Our teams are positioned throughout the region, allowing us to provide fast services wherever you may live.

Are your irrigation crews fully licensed?

Our entire company is licensed by the State of Texas for irrigation installation and repair.

What is the average time to complete a job?

Most jobs are completed within one business day. However, unexpected weather changes can force a delay or change construction dates. Alternatively, large jobs and unexpected challenges have resulted in longer timeframes.

How does the warranty work?

For three years, the materials and parts used to create your irrigation system are covered for defects and failures. The three-year warranty is based on the lifeline of most materials and parts. Manufacturers upgrade and stop making materials after a certain amount of years anyway and anyone who offers a longer warranty doesn't honor it.

Does my irrigation system require an inspection?

It's always a good idea to inspect your irrigation system in the spring. Cold winter nights potentially freeze hoses and create damage. Check for leaks and defective sprinkler heads once the weather gets warm to see if you need repairs.

What happens after I request an estimate?

One of our qualified technicians visits your property for a complete inspection. In most situations - larger properties require a more in-depth inspection - the estimate will be given to you immediately.

What can I expect for installation day?

We will show up at your property in the beginning of the day, or mid-afternoon depending on the overall scope of the project. We will have already visited the property and our schematics will be completed, allowing the crew to get in and efficiently complete their job.

Do I need to be at home during the installation?

No. Our project coordinator will speak with you prior to the day of construction to decide if you are not able to be at home. These include leaving certain gates unlocked and informing you of any property that should be moved to make installation easier.

What happens after the installation is completed?

Upon completion, we do a complete walk through to ensure installation is completed to our high standards. All the parts and equipment used in your system are covered by a three-year manufacturer's warranty.

Can complications during installation affect the price I pay?

Unfortunately, the answer can either be yes or no. Depending on the challenges we face, it could become a more expensive project. If we are rained out and must complete the work the following day, generally it doesn't affect price. However, if we discover a larger problem that might require more work and materials, your project may cost more.

Do I get any training on using/maintaining the system?

Yes. After installation, our technician will walk you through how to properly turn the irrigation system on and off. We will also help you understand how it works and the best ways to maintain it.

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  • “Next-Door Contractors were extremely easy to reach and returned all my calls promptly. Professional and very knowledgeable with our decking project. They spent the time to educate us on the process and what to expect. This really impressed me! Pleasure doing business with this company and I will be using them in future for any of my home renovation projects. ”
    Ian & Debbie


  • “There are few words that could describe the gratitude we have towards Rudy and his team at Next-Door Contractors, for their professional workmanship and services to us recently in the completion of both kitchen and bathroom projects. ”
    Frank & Theresa

    Cedar Park

  • “Next-Door Contractors did our roof installation in one day, we still can't believe it. When the job was finished they cleaned up our property as if they were never there.”
    Todd & Lisa


  • “Carlton and his crew did a great job on installing my flooring. They went an extra mile by also installing flooring on my laundry closet and my downstairs closet even though these were not originally included on the price quote we agreed upon - so now everything is seamless! Five stars to the crew who are friendly, hard worker, and easy to deal with without any problems. I will sure hire Next-Door Contractors again on my next floor project.”
    Rick & Heather


  • “I looked at a lot of roofing companies and interviewed many. I am so glad I chose Next-Door Contractors (which my neighbor recommended). They showed up on time, did exactly what they said they would do. Robert's team were a great group of guys! I also had gutters and leaf protection put on the next day. Next-Door Contractors was awesome on that installation as well. Great customer service, highly recommend them! ”
    Victor & Natasha


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