How to Get Started on Remodeling Your Kitchen

How to Get Started on Remodeling Your Kitchen

Remodeling your kitchen is a big job. It can be overwhelming at first, and it helps to know where to start and what exactly you need to do. Outlining the process, and having a solid plan, is important and, in many cases, necessary due to the size and scope of the project itself.

Before you start hiring contractors and smashing things, there are some important things you need to do before that can begin.

Set Your Budget

Budgeting is important, and you need to be realistic about it. You need to know exactly what you are going to do and what all of this will cost.

To do this, start by visit places like “Home Depot” and kitchen showrooms to figure out the cost of materials and appliances that you will need. Write all of those costs down.

Once you have done that, write out how much of what you will need. Then, add ten-percent on top of that, for any unplanned expenses that may come your way – believe us, you will need that extra cash.

While writing your budget, take into consideration the need for contractors and the prices of hiring those contractors. Then, take into consideration the costs of shipping and delivery. All of those extra things do add up, in the end, and it is important to account for them now.

Finally, make sure to buy the best things you can afford, and to not skimp on those things, as they are very important and, if you get the right materials and the right tools, things will be a lot easier. Beyond that, just make sure you are not wasting money by purchasing things that are unnecessary.

Visualize the Layout of Your Kitchen

Your new kitchen needs to have a practical layout that allows for convenience and ease of us. Use this understanding to design – or have someone else design – a plan that fits that criteria.

Some other things to take into consideration are things like how many people are usually in the kitchen at once, along with the amount of space that you have and the things you want to see in that space. If you do have more than one person in the kitchen at once, then think about how you can open the space up.

One other thing to take in consideration is the classic “Work Triangle”. This consists of arranging the key elements of the kitchen – the sink, the refrigerator, and the stove – in a triangular pattern. Most kitchens are set up this way, because it is an incredibly convenient pattern that allows for easy access to those three, very important, elements of your kitchen.

Make sure your layout is convenient, stylish, and practical. Visualize it. Then write it down and draw it out. You can use software to do this, or, in order to get the best design, hire a professional to do this. Hiring a professional ensures there will not be any mistakes made down the line that may prove to be a nuisance.

Planning Your Kitchen Space

Here are a few simple guidelines for planning out your space.

  • Make Sure There Is Adequate Floor Space in Front of Appliances So That Doors Can Be Opened
  • Make Room for People to Cross and To Go In
  • Make Sure to Have At Least 36 Inches of Counter Space on Each Countertop
  • Discuss All of This with Your Kitchen Remodeling Contractor

Once you have done all of those things, there is one more step. Get started! That may be hiring a contractor, or buying materials. Now is the time to start working on this thing!