Landscaping Ideas & Tips for Small Backyards

Landscaping Ideas & Tips for Small Backyards

It is great to retreat to a beautiful environment after work. However, decorating a small backyard into a space you and your family can rest and have fun in and still host guests once in a while, can be challenging. The following are great ideas on how to decorate your back yard.

Tips for landscaping:


It is important that you find the purpose for which you are going to be designing your back yard. If it is for the kids to play and have fun or it is for the family and friends to gather and have fun. Both of these purposes will lead to completely different types of items.

Starting from scratch:

Your current backyard design may not be suitable for your purpose and may require that you trim or remove all trees and level the ground. However, if you are looking to enhance your current space not change it, you need not do all this.

Find ways to make the space look bigger:

Lastly, you need to find a way in which your backyard space will look bigger than it actually is and not look too crowded. This will work well if you choose beautiful small flowers and shrubs other than big trees and a water fountain.

Best small space designs:

The fun front:

This involves placing concrete planters along the sidewalk and filling them with grass. This will create an eye catching scene without completely covering the yard. To help level the area, the patio is filled with concrete which creates a lawn where you and your family can both dine or play.

Revival of the 70’s:

If you are on a bit of a tight budget this will help you save. It only involves finding new use to old furniture bits such as a farm table and several chairs, having one of two trees in the edges and several flower vases surrounding the area. It creates a beautiful place for a family backyard picnic or coffee for guests.

The seaside copy:

This one involves making the deck with sustainable pie wood and placing seats that resemble those on beaches and swimming pools. The next step is to fill the surrounding with bowl of beautiful plants of your choice bot medium height and small that one can easily view from the seats. Ensure the plants and trees are occasionally trimmed and regularly watered and that most are draught- intolerant. This is the perfect place to relax have a drink and read a book.

The modern flair:

This is a beautiful affordable way of making your yard appear bigger than it actually is and stylishly more beautiful. It involves filling the pathway with bands of stone and steel pebbles. One then puts beautiful flower vases or trees in the middle of the pathways to be it the beauty of nature while the reflections from the pebbles give it the reflection of class.

The partying space:

This involves filling the ground with several layers of stair like concrete floor, a bench where guests can rest, a small space for the barbeque then surrounding this area with low care plants such as Mexican weeping bamboo.